Short Term/Nightly Rental

Strictly Prohibited! 

Minimum Lease Term is 6 months.


Section 4.7

The Grand County Land Use Code, Section 4.7 (High Density Housing Overlay), states that "Residential developments at a density greater than normally permitted by the underlying zoning district as described in the table below, when a Subdivider or Developer ensures a minimum of eighty percent (80%) of lots or units developed on the Property are deed restricted for Primary Residential Occupancy for Actively Employed Households. HDHO Lots and Units may be owner-occupied or renter-occupied as long as the residents meet the occupancy and active employment requirements of Section 4.7.4.A."

Definitions: "“Primary Residential Occupancy” means the owner of record occupying the dwelling unit for a minimum of nine (9) months out of any twelve (12) month period or a renter occupying the dwelling unit through a lease term no shorter than six (6) months out of any twelve (12) month period.​"

"Active Employment Household” or “Actively Employed Household” means a household with at least one adult who meets one of the following criteria; provided, however, where there are unrelated individuals living together in one household, at least 50 percent of all the adults comprising the household shall meet one of the following criteria:

1.    A full-time (aggregate of 30 hours of employment per week)  employee of an entity or entities located within Grand County; or

2.    An owner or owner’s representative of a business or entity with a primary place of business within Grand County; or

3.    A full-time (aggregate of 30 hours of employment per week for nine months out of each calendar year) worker who is self-employed or works out of their home must provide their entire list of clients/workload so that it can be verified that a minimum of 75 percent of their work/clients are based within Grand County;

4.    A person who is unable to work or does not have a work history required under subsections A.1 through 3 of this section due to a disability; or

5.    A retiree with a work history required under subsections A.1 through 3 of this section for the five years prior to retirement.


Section 2(A)

Newly passed Rules & Regulations for HDHO Developments states: "Qualified Household" - The Ownership, Use, and Occupancy of HDHO Lots and Units shall be limited to qualified Actively Employed Household (hereafter "Qualified Household") as set forth in LUC Section 4.7 and herein.

What does it mean?

The Original code gave us the ability to market our Restricted units to any interested Buyer, with the understanding that the Primary Occupant of such Dwelling qualified as an "Actively Employed Household"

The new R&R's went beyond that and have subsequently restricted even the Sale & Ownership

of any HDHO unit to individuals and/or entities that meet the criteria. 

Unfortunately, this means that at this time, we are not able to offer our Units to Buyers not qualified as an "Actively Employed Household" in Grand County.

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