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The primary intent behind this Project, has been to provide a certain level of affordability in and for our community. 


In order to maintain that goal, we have chosen to offer a reduced BAC of 2%.

With that, we appreciate each and every Buyer's Agent that is willing to share in our ambition.


Earnest Money Deposit is negotiable. Please contact for guidance.

Non- Refundable Construction Deposit is required at the Pre-Construction Meeting.

Minimum Deposit amount is $1,000.00


We are utilizing the standard 

Utah New Construction REPC.

Deadline structure is as follows:

(Beginning from Date of Contract)


Seller Disclosures : 2 Weeks

Buyer DD : 4 Weeks 

Pre Construction : 4 Weeks

Construction Loan : N/A

Substantial Completion : 9-12 months*

Settlement : 10-14 Days Post SC.


*Contact for Guidance

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